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Cobweb site ? Just a bit…but not for long

December 12th, 2015

Hello folks,

A lot has happened in three years. I’ve dropped off the face of the planet blogging regularly.

A lot of good things on my brain that need to be shared, but just need a little time to get them all rolling.

I’m looking at relaunching LDM (including the message board) some time in 2016.  The site’s focus will shift around a bit:

Life: all of life. Politics, home, career, culture.

Doctrine: because I’m still reformed and covenantal. :)

Music: because it’s an essential element of life and culture and needs to be examined through a biblical lens.

So….looking forward to seeing you in 2016.

We may even start the streaming service up again.

A few blog thoughts….

October 31st, 2011

I blogged a few days back on my personal blog about the current lack of time I’m dealing with and how it’s made me a bit disappointed in the amount of work I’ve NOT been able to put in on LDM and TCDC.

On Saturday (the day before my birthday), Tim Challies blogged about his consistent blogging streak – 8 years exactly without a day missed. Looking at the blogsphere and how it’s developed over the years, TCDC has been left in the dust quite a bit – I don’t consistently put up new material here like I used to. I have a little bit of envy (in a good way) because that kind of consistency is good and godly.   I originally thought I’d be able to spread myself around a bit more with LDM, but the same cares of life seem to have sapped the life out of regular posts here as well (maybe only for a time).

All in all, yesterday (my birthday – thanks to all those on FB and in person who gave me a call, left  a message,etc….) I had a little reflection time and started to consider how best I could repurpose my time so I can get these ministry things rolling again.  Do I fill ‘every minute of the day’ with something (including writing in time to relax, spend time with my wife, blog, etc….) or do I continue to ‘wing it’ like I’ve been doing ?

As structured as I can be as a band director, I dislike schedules, walls, and limits.  Budgets too.  But maybe these are things I need to work myself personally into as a regular habit of doing.  I think about things that are video worthy and blog worthy – and there are many – but I sometimes think that I may waste time in not actively pursuing and getting them done in a timely fashion.

So maybe over the next 365 days, I’ll spend some time trying to see how consistent I can be with new entries, new videos, etc….

So keep TCDC and LDM in prayer.  And me. :)  Let’s see what happens (my guess: I’ll do well for a week of consistent blogging, then more work will pile up and I’ll forget I made this blog post for 3 months….lol).

B-Doe: Open Your Ears

October 23rd, 2010

Baltimore native B-Doe drops his first project – a freebie! Enjoy it.

B-Doe: Open Your Ears

Download the mixtape here:…

Clark Pinnock – 1937-2010

August 18th, 2010

I’ve had a few random clashes over the past few years with Open Theists.  I pray that Clark Pinnock (who from many accounts was a really nice guy) was internally inconsistent with what he wrote and published.

Justin Taylor’s biography of him over at B2W mentions the following:

He then went on to teach at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (1969-1974), Regent College in Vancouver (1974-1977), and McMaster Divinity School in Ontario (1977-2002). It was during his years at TEDS that he made the shift from Calvinism to Arminianism, as he was unable to reconcile the warning passages in Hebrews with his belief in “eternal security.” His move toward Arminianism, and then on to open theism, was one that “logic required” and “Scripture permitted.”

I’ve found that outside of a reformed paedobaptist position, the warning passages alwaystrip people up (hence the two articles I wrote on the warning passages located here andhere).   I wish Dr. Pinnock had come to the same conclusions about them that I did. But that’s a discussion for another time.

Russell Moore also relates some interesting facts about Pinnock here:

In my home library, I have Pinnock’s monograph on the infallibility of scripture and have read it a few times.

I don’t really have too much to add that hasn’t been said.  I often internally think “thank God for the folks who did teach solid theology” and in the earlier part of his career, Pinnock was one of those people.  On the flip side, I also think internally “thank God for the heretics, as God uses them to help the church come to better clarity on the doctrines of the faith.”  If Boyd, Pinnock, Hasker and others hadn’t promoted the doctrine of openness, it may have taken me a bit longer to dig into theology proper as I had to do in defense of the God of scripture.  Isaiah 40-49 (thank you Bruce Ware!) is one of the greatest passages of scripture because of the high view of God that it presents.  I’ve been blessed and blessed again to go through this passage.

Whatever one thinks of Clark Pinnock at this point, pray for his wife and family’s comfort during this time.

“The Purpose of Marriage is Gospel Re-Enactment” – Tim Keller

June 9th, 2010

I saw that quote on a friend’s Facebook page recently and it was really thought-provoking for me, even though it’s not relevant to my current marital status. When we look at Ephesians 5:22-33, we see God through His self-revelation (the Bible) explaining what His institution of “marriage” is designed to be all about:

It’s about Christ and the Church.

Christ is the Head, the Church is His Body.

The Head, or husbands, representing Christ, are called to pursue their bride, the Church; sacrificing for her, dying to personal desires, providing, teaching, cultivating, feeding, loving them all the days of their lives.

And the bride (the “Church” or the “Body” of Christ) are called to submit themselves to the loving care of Christ, the Head, Who condescended from eternity to time, from timeless and heavenly things to a decaying temporal existence on Earth, in order to receive the full penalty of her sins on Himself.

Marriage, instituted by the Creator of life, exists to illuminate that Gospel, which is the Greatest Story Ever Told.

It doesn’t exist for selfishness, jealousy, control, lust, or to nurse insecurities. And it certainly doesn’t exist to be torn apart. After all, Christ didn’t live perfectly & die sacrificially for a bride only to abandon her; and the Church, His Body, didn’t experience a larger-than-life love story of redemption in order to leave her only true Love.

It’s about Christ and the Church.

Well, it appears one trap married folks (especially ones who are amped to obey Ephesians 5 as best as their abilities will allow) can fall into is to get into the rut of following the words of this admonition without the spirit of it. Some people, whether deliberately and out of frustration about imperfections that persist, or unintentionally, will grit their teeth and daily force themselves into the submission and sacrifice the Gospel story recounts. Yet they’ll forget the love that is the true motive behind the Gospel. It’s love with the Gospel of Christ in view that should compel a husband to care for his wife and a wife to respect her husband.

Well, one of the comments in the Facebook discussion I first referenced expressed this idea of rooting one’s marital sacrificing & submitting in a motive of true love so well that I want to quote it. It refers to the “re-enactment” mentioned in the title of this blog article:

[T]he most beautiful aspect of that re-enactment is the [reality] and joy of mystic union and sweet communion established and granted by the grace of God!

I was stupefied by this remark! Here was my reply to the writer of that comment; a person I’ll call “Q”:

[T]hat was encouraging, Q. [I]t would be terrible if for some the quote “the purpose of marriage is gospel re-enactment” invited robotic behavior or joyless striving and a lack of grace for the spouse when in reality sanctification takes a lifetime. [D]id you ever go through a stage where it felt like a burden, and how did you get out?

Thankfully, Q was gracious enough to reply. And his reply was the motivation for today’s blog post:

[M]any marriages struggle in those ways mine has as well…there are many reasons for this but mainly because people forget WHY they got married in the first place, they have ceased to see their spouse as the “apple of their eye” they only see their sins/faults and not their beauty and grace they forget the love of God toward themselves.

Most Christian marriages in this rut are also in the same rut with God. Because they forgot that their salvation was based upon the unmerited grace, abounding lovingkindness and compassion of God and that we were called into “fellowship” – a shared life/communion. God first loved us by giving of Himself and His Son to us and thus we love Him. Marriages only display the gospel when they live out the love of God in this way. We must first love our spouse – not because of anything they have done but because they are our beloved chosen one who we chose to covenant with until we die…if we love on the basis of (their) merit or solely on the basis of law then our marriages will lack grace and will lead to “robotic behavior and joyless striving”

marriage is lived out in covenant communion – not merely covenant obligation. the purpose of marriage as salvation is fellowship (see 1 John 1:4). Marriage is about fellowship…”I am my beloveds and he is mine” (Song of Sol 2:16)…this is what the marriage supper of the Lamb is going to be all about, this is why Jesus rejects those who he “never knew”….eternity will be about fellowship with our God and Christ – “Behold, the tabernacle of God is among men, and He will dwell among them, and they shall be His people, and God Himself will be among them.”

gospel re-enactment in marriage as I see it, is about fellowship…fellowship displays itself in proper devotio[n], love that gives, sacrifices, obeys, cherishes, honors, remains faithful, keeps the law of love and thus the whole law…

And marriage is a lifetime of learning this as you said, sanctification…the beauty of not just going through life together but growing through life together

[S]orry for the dissertation – its par for the course for us seminary guys….hope that’s helpful.

So for all you married and soon-to-be-married folk out there, I hope this discourse was helpful. Q really provided excellent perspective to such a critical subject.


Playlist – 12/24/09 – 1/30/10

January 13th, 2010

Okay, so here it is. Thanks for waiting!
LDM Playlist: December 24, 2009 – January 30, 2009 – 17.4 hours

Sovereign Grace Music and Bob Kauflin have graciously allowed us to stream theirmusic for listening purposes on LDM free of charge. All the songs streamed here from SGM (and much more) are available for immediate download at

Red Letter’s music appears courtesy of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington.
Please visit for MUCH more music (as well as good sermons and podcasts).

Shai Linne and Timothy Brindle’s music appear courtesy of Lampmode Recordings.
Visit them for great theologically sound Christian hip hop:

B-Morr appears courtesy of Morrhouse productions. For more information and more music, visit

The Gathering podcast also plays Christian Hip Hop, but a playlist is not immediately available for this podcast. The Gathering is produced by ChristCentric.

Traditional Instrumental Hymns on piano are courtesy of Mike Paulson. While some of the material on his site (especially his KJV Only arguments) are flawed, his music is good and useful. Please visit to download more traditional hymns – free.

Podcast Links:

Capitol Hill Baptist Church (Washington, DC) – Mark Dever is the senior pastor.
Providence Reformed Baptist Church (Kingsland, TX) – Philip M. Way is pastor.
Soaring Oaks Presbyterian Church (Sacramento, CA) – Andrew Redditt is senior pastor.
Wallace Presbyterian Church (College Park, MD) – Scott Bridges is senior pastor.
Grace Community Church (Sun Valley, CA) – John MacArthur, Jr. is senior pastor.

Playlist (in order by name of song, album and artist for music):

The Real Christmas – Christcentric Podcast – The Gathering
Happy New Year – So What ? – Thinking Biblically Commentary – Theologically Correct dot Com
All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name – Together for the Gospel Live – Bob Kauflin
Oh for a Thousand Tongues to Sing – Together for the Gospel Live – Bob Kauflin
Jesus Paid It All – Together for the Gospel Live – Bob Kauflin

SERMON: The Word Became Flesh – Phillip M. Way
Come Now Almighty King – Upward – Sovereign Grace Ministries
Completely Done – Sons & Daughters – Sovereign Grace Music
For You Are Holy – Sovereign Grace Sampler – Sovereign Grace Music

Healing In Your Wings – Sovereign Grace Sampler – Sovereign Grace Music
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus – Next 2009 Live -Na Band
All_Hail_the_Power (Public Domain…traditional hymn)

The Trinity: Part 1 – Christcentric Podcast – The Gathering
The Trinity: Part 2 – Christcentric Podcast – The Gathering
Great_Is_Thy_Faithfulness – (public domain…traditional hymn)

Father Abraham – Wallace Presbyterian Church -Scott Bridges
Fear’s Effects – Wallace Presbyterian Church – Scott Bridges
Choices – Wallace Presbyterian Church – Scott Bridges

God’s King, God’s Priest – Wallace Presbyterian Church – Stephen Coleman
Let Your Kingdom Come – Sovereign Grace Sampler – Sovereign Grace Music
Praise the Lord – Psalms -Sovereign Grace Music
His Forever- Sovereign Grace Sampler – Sovereign Grace Music
I Have a Shelter – Come Weary Saints – Sovereign Grace Music
Glorious and Mighty – Pastors Conference 2009 – Bob Kauflin and Band
Glory Be to God – Savior – Sovereign Grace Music
My God, My Father (Part 23) – Mars Hill Church | Red Letter
My_Hope_is_Built_on_Nothing_Less (Public Domain)
I_Surrender_All (Public Domain)

Longing for Christmas – Soaring Oaks Presbyterian Church -Dan Phillips
Five ‘Alones’ That Changed Everything – Soaring Oaks Presbyterian Church – Daniel J. Phillips
On What We Stand – Soaring Oaks Presbyterian Church – Dan Phillips
Sola Gratia – ChristCentric – Podcasts – The Gathering
Sola Scriptura – Christcentric Podcast – The Gathering

The End of the World – Revelation 15-16 – Capitol Hill Baptist Church -Mark Dever
The End of Worldliness – Revelation 17:1-19:5 – Capitol Hill Baptist Church -Mark Dever

Guys and Dolls – Search Me – B morr
Self Worship – Self Denial – B.Morr
Fruit Inspection – Killing Sin – Timothy Brindle

A Survey of the Soils (Mark 4:1-20) – Grace to You: Pulpit Podcast – John MacArthur
A Diagnosis of the Soils, Part 1 (4:1-20) – Grace to You: Pulpit Podcast – John MacArthur
A Diagnosis of the Soils, Part 2 (4:1-20)- Grace to You: Pulpit Podcast – John MacArthur

Drop us a line at feedback[a][t]lifedoctrinemusic [d][o][t] com and let us
know how you like or can improve the current playlist.

New playlists/sermons and MP3’s are posted at the start of every month.

Welcome. :)

December 23rd, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s my grand pleasure to welcome you to Life | Doctrine | Music.  More than a few of you are already poking around the message board, so you’ve been privy to much of the planning stages of LDM (some have even been around while I’ve been updating the color scheme).

Well, it’s an intro post.  Most of you are already aware of what the site’s about, so I won’t bore you right now – look around, get a read and be blessed.

Pastor Way (one of our conntributors here) has already blessed us with one post.   We’ll average around two posts per week, so everyone will get a chance to see what’s posted and digest it before simply putting up another post immediately behind it.

For a full list of our contributors, be sure to click the link in the menu bar.

Oh, and LDM radio is live. Time has cut short how much music and sermons I had time to prep and upload, but seventeen and a half hours should hold everyone. :) There’s a few 20 minute nothing but music breaks in there.  And if you’d like to just skip around, you can do that too.   I’ll upload the current playlist in a day or two.  If you’re at work and you can do so, feel free to open the window and then minimize it with your volume down low so you can listen all day long.

That’s about it for now.  Enjoy the current Advent season.  I’ll be back early next week with some more goodies.

And click on the link to community, join the message board and interact with the family. We started the party a while ago and now you’re invited to be a part of it. :)


Coming Soon…Very soon.

April 13th, 2009

Welcome to Life | Doctrine | Music.

The site is officially ‘live’ as of 4/13/09 (yeah, that long ago depending on when you’re reading this), but there’s much more work that needs to be done here, so if you’ve stumbled across it by accident, check back in about a week or so.  By then, we should also have the vBulletin software uploaded and be ready to have a whole community build up and contribute.

Okay, that’s it for now.  Take care and see you soon.