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An Unbeliever’s Perspective on Evangelism

March 1st, 2010


Please don’t tune me out just yet.

I admit: I myself would question reading an article with such a ridiculous title since it is biblical scripture that we should follow concerning how to share Jesus. Not an unbelievers opinion! But give me a minute to explain.

There’s an excellent book I’m just about finished reading by a college student named Kevin Roose called “The Unlikely Disciple: A Sinner’s Semester at America’s Holiest University.” I recommend this work to everyone! A friend who normally recommends excellent books suggested I read it but I initially had reservations since I thought it was simply going to bash Liberty University (a school I have mixed feelings about anyway) and/or cause Christians to question things that are simply misunderstood or taken out of context. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It is an amazing, balanced, refreshing book. It’s about a guy who is NOT a conservative Christian transferring for a semester from Brown University (which is what I call “limp-noodle liberal”) to Liberty to blend in and see what life is like among folks who are his generational peers but who are very different than he is ideologically. Please go to the bookstore and get it as soon as you can.

So back to my point … a few minutes ago I sauntered over to YouTube and came across a live streaming interview of Kevin where he answered a lot of valuable questions and listeners were able to enter the chat room and interact with him by making inquiries that were read to Kevin by the host.

There are a couple of spoilers in the interview, but I highly recommend that you jump to the 21:40 minute mark and listen to about 23:32. In this section, Kevin recounts his experience going with a group of Liberty students down to Daytona Beach during Spring Break to evangelize! Yes, I’m serious. Anyway, one of the people watching this interview asked what he thought, as an unbeliever, about the method of evangelism the LU students used. And he had an interesting reply I think is worthy of contemplation.

Again, I don’t think Christians should use anything but the Bible to determine how we should share Christ. Nevertheless, I believe a valid question after listening to this interview is “how much of Kevin’s advice CAN actually be found in scripture?”

Maybe this can revolutionize how we share the Faith.

Enjoy by clicking here.

Your thoughts are solicited.