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April 13th, 2009

Life | Doctrine | Music is a Christian music hub, streaming radio port and discussion board community established in 2009 for the purpose of providing believers of all kinds with sound doctrine for their Christian life and development, a place for electronic fellowship on the web as well as for their building up. We accomplish these goals through the writing of articles from our contributors in the form of devotionals, teaching articles and other short pieces. This is supported, in turn, by the music we play through the streaming port on the site – all of which is theologically sound and designed to supplement truths being taught in the articles posted on the site and point the believer back to scripture and the God of scripture.

We are thoroughly Trinitarian, Evangelical (in the historic, protestant sense not the American political sense) and the bulk of our contributors are reformed or mostly reformed in their thinking and approach to theological issues. Our doctrinal statement is not explicitly reformed because we desire a large swath of believers (some of whom may not be in doctrinally sound churches) to be welcome, dialogue and grow from their experiences here on the site. One of our contributors has labelled this site the ‘heresy-free zone’. We do believe that certain types of theological conversations go beyond the bounds of Christian conversation and are not suitable for believers. Therefore, we do limit the types of conversations and subject matter that gets posted on the message board. This is done with the intention of keeping safe more impressionable believers.

You can read a bit more about the site at the Frequently Asked Questions section of our message board and you can also check our Statement of Faith so you’ll know what we hold to and believe are Christian beliefs.

Questions and comments are always welcome. Drop them off in the box below or send them to feedback [at] life|doctrine| music| dot| com.

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