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Really ? Yes, really.

April 22nd, 2011

The God of the Universe took on human flesh, lived among us, was spat upon, kicked, mocked and killed by His own creation. He did this for people who infinitely offended Him with their choices to disobey and not bow the knee to Him as Creator and Lord.

Not one bit of anything in that equation makes Him more glorious than He already is (in other words, He would be infinitely beautiful and glorious even if He never did those things).

He did it anyway.

He was not obligated to do it. He could’ve just sent everyone to hell….as He will do with the fallen angels.

Aside from asking ‘WHY ?’ the other thing that contemplation of this fact does for me as a believer is remove any nagging temptation to drift into cold fatalistic determinism. One cannot be, for example, a hypercalvinist and logically deal with this fact.

Everyone caught up on the fact that reformed theology teaches that God is ACTUALLY Sovereign….skips over this fact in their attempt to bash Calvinism for ‘destroying free will’ (and other nonsensical arguments).  No one who opposes Calvinism ever notices this fact.  No one.

So why did He choose to love ?  I have no idea. I just sit down, shut up and praise Him for doing so.

Deut. 29:29.