Clark Pinnock – 1937-2010

August 18th, 2010

I’ve had a few random clashes over the past few years with Open Theists.  I pray that Clark Pinnock (who from many accounts was a really nice guy) was internally inconsistent with what he wrote and published.

Justin Taylor’s biography of him over at B2W mentions the following:

He then went on to teach at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (1969-1974), Regent College in Vancouver (1974-1977), and McMaster Divinity School in Ontario (1977-2002). It was during his years at TEDS that he made the shift from Calvinism to Arminianism, as he was unable to reconcile the warning passages in Hebrews with his belief in “eternal security.” His move toward Arminianism, and then on to open theism, was one that “logic required” and “Scripture permitted.”

I’ve found that outside of a reformed paedobaptist position, the warning passages alwaystrip people up (hence the two articles I wrote on the warning passages located here andhere).   I wish Dr. Pinnock had come to the same conclusions about them that I did. But that’s a discussion for another time.

Russell Moore also relates some interesting facts about Pinnock here:

In my home library, I have Pinnock’s monograph on the infallibility of scripture and have read it a few times.

I don’t really have too much to add that hasn’t been said.  I often internally think “thank God for the folks who did teach solid theology” and in the earlier part of his career, Pinnock was one of those people.  On the flip side, I also think internally “thank God for the heretics, as God uses them to help the church come to better clarity on the doctrines of the faith.”  If Boyd, Pinnock, Hasker and others hadn’t promoted the doctrine of openness, it may have taken me a bit longer to dig into theology proper as I had to do in defense of the God of scripture.  Isaiah 40-49 (thank you Bruce Ware!) is one of the greatest passages of scripture because of the high view of God that it presents.  I’ve been blessed and blessed again to go through this passage.

Whatever one thinks of Clark Pinnock at this point, pray for his wife and family’s comfort during this time.

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