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Family Men!

May 13th, 2010

I really love Family Men.

“Men” is the operative term here.

I especially love those who have known since, like, elementary school, that they wanted to grow up to be husbands and fathers. (These guys do exist, believe me; I went to the wedding of one just a few months ago). Such dudes wanted to build a family, a legacy, and now realize how much of a contribution that is to God’s Kingdom & even earthly society.

These are true men. They’re not boys, selfishly living for themselves, having standards for future spouses they themselves can’t meet, expecting physical perfection they themselves don’t have, attempting to satisfy their sexual desires with as many women as possible, reproducing yet refusing to share at least 50% of the responsibility for raising kids, and rejoicing in their ability to do what even roaches do: have sex. No, I’m talking about Family Men. Not “Playas” (see definition number three). Not “Pimps.” Family Men. Real Men.

I think it’s important to note the fate of “Playas” versus Family Men. Playas get to have the fun (and consequences) of a lust-pursuing life while they’re young. But they end up old, unattractive, and despised by all the women & offspring they neglected. They also die alone. Family Men on the other hand live lives full of the responsibility (and utter fulfillment) needed to be successful husbands and fathers. But when they get old, they’re greatly loved and have a legacy to leave behind. They have one woman they’ve spent decades loving, loads of children who remember their active presence from bike-riding to lesson-teaching, and a whole community that benefited from their example. And they die surrounded by generations who are elated that they ever graced this planet with their presence.

Bit ups to all the Family Men.

This vid is for you:

\”Domesticated\” by Ruslan featuring Blame One & Braille